Clear and unchanged prices for 10 years

22nd Feb 2024

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Displaying a clear pricing structure is key to operating an ethical business. This might sound obvious but there seems to be a lot of examples across many industries where customers are being led to believe that a service costs one price but later increases despite there being no difference in how the client uses the service. These hidden costs can come as a nasty shock, especially if you've committed to using a service that isn't easy to leave later down the line.

We have never used 'charm pricing' and always keep it simple with round numbers. The prices that you see for our hosting plans are what you will pay and this will only change if you upgrade your plan or use more resources. We haven't changed this pricing structure for ten years and in the economic crisis of recent times have kept it the same despite the rising costs that all businesses are facing.

Saving money on Green Hosting

If you would like to save some money on your Green Hosting plan, here are two things you can do:

  1. Sign up using our discount code. This offers a discount for your first year of Green Hosting.
  2. Switch to annual or biennial payments. It's a slightly bigger up front investment but you pay less over the year or two years.

Here's the pricing:

  • Breeze
    Monthly: £6
    Annually: £60 (equivalent of £5 p/m)
    Biennially: £110 (equivalent of approx £4.59 p/m)
  • Kaver
    Monthly: £9
    Annually: £90 (equivalent of £7.50 p/m)
    Biennially: £170 (equivalent of approx £7.09 p/m)
  • Zephyr
    Monthly: £12
    Annually: £120 (equivalent of £10 p/m)
    Biennially: £220 (equivalent of approx £9.17 p/m)

If you would like to know more about the other benefits of signing up to Green Hosting, see how we support our clients, charities and fellow ethical businesses.

Current clients can also become a Green Hosting affiliate, potentially earning money from sign-ups via your website.

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