Show your support on the 1st anniversary of Business Without Blood Sports

18th Apr 2024

A huge congratulations to League Against Cruel Sports on the first anniversary of their Business Without Bloodsports campaign. We, along with many other businesses joined a year ago to pledge that we will not support or promote bloodsports of any kind, now or in the future.

A yellow background showing a wind turbine and green hosting logo. The Business Without Bloodsports pledge badge and text 'We never have and never will support or enable blood sports'.

In fact this is something that we already had built into our business’s core values from the day we founded Make Hay web design and Green Hosting nearly 20 years ago. Our ethical policy, which outlines the kinds of activities we love to support via our services and those we do not wish to profit from, has included bloodsports as something we irrefutably do not support since the beginning. And so now being able to officially lend our voice, along with the League Against Cruel Sports and other businesses, to speak up against this horrific activity is something we are delighted to do.

You too can make your pledge to never support or promote bloodsports via your business.

Being able to support an organisation that makes a real difference to animals that suffer in the name of ‘sport’ is what really matters. Through their hard work, dedication and perseverance League Against Cruel Sports makes things happen through their collaboration with other organisations and law enforcement, by offering education and research and in maintaining nature reserves for wildlife, as well as so much more in their campaigns and awareness raising.

We wish you continued success, League Against Cruel Sports, alongside your allies and supporters until animal cruelty is a thing of the past. Thank you for everything you do.