About our Green Hosting

Wind Powered Website Hosting

Wind Turbines

Our green website hosting is powered 100% by renewable energy, all year round.

Our Centro datacentre in London, which houses the hosting servers, routers and cooling systems runs entirely on wind generated energy from UK wind farms. Because the energy is supplied via the grid, the power does not stop if the wind isn’t blowing, nor does it need to fall back on fossil fuels. It remains as reliable as ever and as green as always.

We are also a partner of The Green Web Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working hard to help the transition to a completely green internet.

Energy Efficiency at the Datacentre

Energy Efficiency

Web servers are power hungry computers and must be maintained at a low temperature to ensure they function optimally. Our datacentre facility has been designed and built to use electricity as efficiently as possible. By extracting hot air from the building and using naturally cold outside air through the water based chillers, the cooling systems do not need to be constantly at full power as they would in traditional datacenters, meaning they use less energy.

The History of Green Hosting

Green Hosting was one of the first and is still one of a few truly green web hosting providers in the UK. Set up in 2006 our original 100% wind powered hosting was based in the U.S. but we always continued to search for an equally green and reliable UK provider. We took lots of time and care to get it right and are now delighted to be able to supply our service right here in the UK both to our very own web design clients and customers who manage their own websites. 

CO2 and the Internet or Why We Need Green Hosting


Second to the aviation industry, the powering of datacentres and cloud computing is reported to be the largest global contributor to carbon emissions. When you think about how relatively new this industry is, that fact is astounding and really illustrates the potential problems our beloved internet can cause.

It takes a massive amount of energy to keep the internet running, most of which is generated by dirty fossil fuels. This is not the case with Green Hosting. Websites powered with Green Hosting are run entirely on renewable electricity, right here in the UK.

Personal, Friendly, UK Customer Service

Personal, Friendly, UK Customer Service

Here at Green Hosting we don’t oversell our hosting space and we don’t treat our customers as faceless accounts. We sign up every single plan personally and we know each customer and website we host.

When you request support it will be our UK based team which responds, not a third party call centre. So whilst our hosting technicians are constantly working away to ensure the servers are functioning as they should be, we’re here to answer queries and provide support for your individual requirements.

We’re web designers too, working in the industry, so we can provide real website support. That’s not something many hosting providers can do.

Run by a Green & Ethical Business

100% wind powered

We are committed to keeping this service green to the core. Since we founded our parent website design business, Make Hay, in 2004 we set out to make sure it had as little negative impact on the environment as we could. This is still true today and we’re always working to be greener. We have full environmental and ethical policies and here’s a quick list of the things that are important to us:

  • We use a renewable electricity provider for our office.
  • We recycle as much as we can from the office including paper, equipment and e-waste.
  • We use suppliers with positive eco credentials and we seek high quality, energy efficient computer equipment.
  • We support small charities that make us smile, providing pro bono services. We are also website volunteers for Green's Windmill, donating web design, website support, updates and of course our wind powered website hosting.

Promoting Positive Organisations

Supporting positive organisations

Because we love to partner with organisations that are doing positive things, we offer help to promote their website too. Our Green Hosting clients’ sites are featured here on green-hosting.co.uk and via our social networks.

Take a look at our Clients page and you’ll see that if you choose to use Green Hosting you’ll be in good company.