Supporting Renewable World, an update

8th Feb 2024

Last March we wrote about why we continue to support Renewable World, a charity which tackles povery and climate change through off-grid, renewable energy solutions for low-income individuals, families and communities in remote places.Renewable World logo

Since their inception in 2008, alongside the people they work with, they have made some remarkable achievements. The impact they have is tangible, lasting and sustainable and we go into more detail about our decision to donate to them in our Impact section.

We know that it is important to our clients that we spend the money we make via our business in a responsible and ethical manner. It's why we have an ethical policy. And so here's a quick update on Renewable World's activities in the past year:

  • 50,965 people reached
  • 7,911 people with improved access to energy for productive use
  • 1,396 people with a safe and reliable solar-powered water supply
  • 387 people trained in climate-smart agriculture
  • 8 active projects in 2 countries
  • 191 new tap stands fitted
  • 4 community based flood early warning systems installed
  • 198 households benefiting from new clean cooking solutions
  • 8 health centres electrified, serving at least 21,082 people
  • 7378 tonnes of carbon avoided through Renewable World's programme

You can read Renewable World's full annual report here.

By 2026 their aim is to empower over 200,000 people to transform their lives through clean, affordable, and reliable energy. And they will be on track to transform the lives of over 500,000 people by 2030. We can't wait to see this happen!