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Green Hosting badges for your website

26th Mar 2021

Did you know that we have Green Hosting badges for our clients to display on their websites?

Illustrated green hills and blue sky with wind turbines and a flag showing the text ' 100% wind powered website'

If you are using our hosting service, go ahead and tell the world that you have chosen to power your site 100% by the wind!

We have a range of different sized badges and an option of full colour or grey and white. To use a badge, hop over to our support page and copy the code for the badge of your choice. If you would like some help then do get in touch with us through our helpdesk.

Want to switch your WordPress website hosting? We’ve got you

5th Feb 2021

Many of our clients use WordPress, it's an extremely popular platform allowing much flexibility and creativity, without requiring coding experience. Very often clients who want to use our hosting service have an existing WordPress website, which they want to keep, but prefer an enviromentally conscious host - that's us!

We understand that the idea of moving your website from one host to another can be incredibly daunting, so we offer a service that takes the work off your hands. We can transfer your existing WordPress website (and e-mails) from your current host or from (where WordPress itself is the host) over to us. This is done with the utmost care and minimal disruption to ensure everything switches quickly and safely.

What our clients say

Sian Conway from #EthicalHour
"I'm really impressed with the service I received from Green Hosting. I was nervous about moving my site over in case anything got lost or broken but they guided me through the whole process, answered all my questions in plain English and kept me updated at every stage. They handled the whole switch over for me and it went smoothly. Not only have they made my site more sustainable but it's actually much faster now too!"

Holly Rose
"You're a dream, thank you, best service I've ever had in my life from a hosting company!"

Laura Turner from Fuzzfox
"Thank you, I'm so happy to be powered by the wind now! So lovely to deal with real and wonderful people too who went above and beyond to make the whole process of switching a breeze (pun intended!)"

Sam Attard from Ethical Revolution
"Thank YOU for providing such a brilliant service! Honestly, before starting Ethical Revolution all those years ago I used to provide web solutions for businesses and so I have had plenty of experience of web hosts. Even without the amazing green credentials you guys are the best!"

How does it work?

If you're thinking of switching your WordPress website to us, feel free to drop us a line first so we can take talk it through, take a look at your website and get a good idea of what needs to be done. If you've already made your mind up that's great too - Go ahead and sign up for a hosting plan and let us know you'd like to switch.

The next step is to agree a good a day and time to do the work. We agree a mutual time so that we can be in contact with you during the transfer if we need to and ensure everything runs smoothly. We'll ask you to change some settings for your domain name, or we can do that for you too if you prefer. The transfer will be handled by us and we'll let you know when everything is complete.

The price starts at £25 for a website transfer and varies depending on whether you'd like to transfer e-mail accounts too and if you're coming from another host or Get in touch with us and we can let you know the price for your transfer.

What else can we do for you?

Because WordPress is such a hugely popular platform (with around 400 million users) it can be a rife target for exploitation from hackers. However, there are ways to boost your website's security by using a few techniques to make it difficult for them to gain access. We have a provided some guidance on how to add these security measures but if you'd like us to do it for you, that's no problem, just give us a shout.

If you don't already have a website but would like to have WordPress installed for you with the security features, then we can do that too.

Our clients

Hop over to our Clients page to see who else is using Green Hosting and for some more lovely feedback about our service.

Raising a glass to 16 years of business

1st Oct 2020

Over at our Make Hay website we are celebrating 16 years since we founded our ethical web design business. That's where it all started. A year later we began our Green Hosting service and it has been a great journey that we hope will continue alongside all of the wonderful people we have met and collaborated with through the years.

Pop over to our blog post where we raise a glass and highlight the positive things we feel thankful for in these very strange times.

Three simple self-care habits for social entrepreneurs

19th May 2020

We all know that being an entrepreneur is hard. I believe there’s added pressure in our social business space because we have priorities beyond profit and assume a level of responsibility for various problems in the world that we’re working to resolve. We feel strongly about the causes we support and often worry that we’re not doing enough. We may need to tactfully navigate those who deride or disagree with our aims and we may have to work harder to prove our worth in our industry. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, right?

Puppy in a field in the sunshine

If we don’t establish self-care practices it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain our energy, care and joy in what we do and at worse we can become exhausted, despondent and sick. From my experience of running an ethical business for a long time I’ve learned that little fixes to make us feel better can be lovely but they don’t provide the longevity of setting in some positive habits. As an entrepreneur you can be sure that things will go wrong, there will be stress and there will be long, tiring hours. It isn’t always possible to avoid that, but we can head off the nasty effects before they creep up. The trick is to look after ourselves consistently so that we’re better placed to tackle challenges when they arise.

So, here are three simple tried and tested (by me) ways I implement self-care. They aren’t fancy, they aren’t expensive, they don’t need (much) extra time and attention.

Connecting with Nature

This basically means going outdoors and getting up close and personal with trees and plants. Spending time in the natural environment is now widely recognised and credited as being beneficial for our wellbeing. Some GPs in the UK are now ‘prescribing’ this to support mental good health.

Those in the know about therapeutic horticulture say that the restorative and calming effects of being with nature is increased when combined with an activity, like tending to plants. For me this has double benefits because it helps assuage anxiety about climate change and damage to our natural world by providing a soothing pastime as well as a means of doing something about it. Growing plants to eat reduces food miles and plastic waste, growing plants for pollinators supports biodiversity – it’s a win-win!

“Another thing to do?!” I hear you cry. Yes, I accept that growing plants might feel like just adding another job to the ever-growing list. So of course, if even the thought of it induces more stress then just take little time to enjoy being in nature instead. I do this by going for a walk every day, sometimes to the woods and sometimes to the local park but each time it helps clear my head and bring about a sense of calm.

Establishing a Routine

OK, don’t laugh. I know how ridiculous this might sound when you’re working early in the morning before school runs and late into the evening, juggling your job, your family and the many other commitments that life demands. However, I truly believe that routines can have magical powers.

When I talk about routine I don’t necessarily mean a rigidly set out day where certain tasks are carried out at an exact time. No, life just isn’t like that. I mean making sure the essentials are met, like eating lunch at a sensible time and moving your body as well as instilling habits that help you feel a sense of achievement every day. 

The whole eating lunch and moving around thing might seem absurdly obvious but in the early days of our business it would be more common than not for us to sit at our desks from first thing in the morning, not even think about lunch and emerge in the evening light headed and drained. As if taking an hour’s break out of all of that time would have been detrimental to our business! Does anyone else do this? If so, please reconsider. This is absolutely not sustainable, doesn’t necessarily mean that more work is done and can ultimately lead to burn out.

Being productive and being busy are two completely different things and #EthicalHour have some useful courses on how to implement work patterns that ensure more is done in the same amount of time. Whether its prioritising high-yield vs low-yield tasks, using Fridays to plan the week ahead or bulking jobs together, these routines bring more value to the time you spend and a feeling of accomplishment that makes it easier to walk away at the end of the day.

Checking in With My Sense of Humour

As social entrepreneurs we’re driven by making the world a better place. Inevitably, this means that to address the issues we’re working to alleviate we have to face some very upsetting truths. It could be about climate change, deforestation, poverty, inequality, exploitation or animal cruelty and and at the moment with the pandemic added issues closer to home and globally. These can lead to us becoming anxious, stressed and low.

Not hiding from the negative and painful things in the world makes me all the more grateful for the positive things I have in my life and most definitely puts a lot into perspective. Being able to laugh at myself and insignificant problems is possibly the most important habit for me. It stops me from grumbling about the little things and makes me feel generally more content and equipped to think about the bigger picture. If I feel tempted to have a little moan about something small I try to remember to check in with my sense of humour and laugh it off instead.

One of the best things we did for our business

16th Apr 2020

We joined the #EthicalHour community* back in 2017 and in our sixteen years of being in business it is one of the best things we ever did.

In 2004 when we first started out, running a business with a purpose was kind of lonely. There were some amazing colleagues and organisations that we looked up to and connected with but the world was a very different place back then and not everyone ‘got it’ and not everyone was supportive. Back then, belonging to a network of entrepreneurs who shared a vision of a kinder, greener world and having access to relevant marketing support and business expertise would have been amazing. Thankfully, now we do.

#EthicalHour logo

#EthicalHour isn’t just for start-ups. As an established business we have gained such a lot from being members. Here are some of the ways that #EthicalHour has benefitted our business:

More clients

Simply by being part of a community who want to tread as lightly on the planet as possible we meet new clients who need our website hosting services. Often those clients recommend us to others too. Together we are making a move towards a more environmentally friendly internet.

Networking opportunities

I’m not aware of another single online space where you can meet as many ethical business owners and industry experts from all over the world. It is a genuinely friendly, no-judgement place where it’s OK to ask questions and seek help no matter where you are in your business journey.

Learning and business support

If one thing is true about being an entrepreneur it’s that you never stop learning. #EthicalHour’s online resources cover a huge range of topics including productivity, getting the most out of social media platforms, embedding values in your business, self care, making an impact and lots more.

What does #EthicalHour membership provide?

For £20 per month, you will get:

  • Exclusive talks and Q&A sessions with industry leading experts
  • Access to a library of over 22 hours of premium video training on marketing, personal branding, productivity and self care, to help you become a thought leader and grow your business
  • New live training on different marketing and business growth topics every month
  • Coaching questions, thought prompts and support inside our member’s only Facebook Group
  • A monthly competition to win free a coaching and publicity package worth over £300!
  • A listing on our Member’s Map so you can find members in your local area and connect when you’re travelling
  • A listing on our Impact Pledge Wall, where you can see everyone’s mission for change in one place and connect with like-minded people
  • Access to our list of trusted suppliers so you can find business support quickly and easily
  • Peer support, networking and facilitated introductions to like-minded changemakers

#EthicalHour provides amazing mutual support and information but its big aim is to help ethical brands break out into the mainstream and have a real impact on the way all business is done. It’s so exciting to be a part of this!

Find out more about #EthicalHour membership here.

*Disclosure - The links to Ethical Hour in this article are affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you we may earn commission if you purchase Ethical Hour membership as a result of following one of these links. We are indeed fully paid members of the #EthicalHour community and all of the above is true and genuine.

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