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Language for Learning

1st Oct 2014

Language for Learning are a NHS and Local Authority run organisation supporting those who work with children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties. We were very pleased when they decided use our Green Hosting to power their website as Vicky here has a background (many moons ago) in special educational needs and linguistics which are still very close to her heart.

Language for Learning logo

Visit their website at:

Wordsmiths making the world a better place

22nd Sep 2014

Ideal Worldsmiths are wordsmiths who want to make the world a better place, that's why they chose to power their website with our Green Hosting. Ideal specialise in copywriting and sustainable brand consultancy, working with businesses and organisations to use the power of words for good. Whether large or small Ideal believe that every business can do something to make the world more sustainable.

Visit their website at:

Champions of Sherwood Powered by Green Hosting

5th Aug 2014

Now powered by our Green Web Hosting, Champions of Sherwood is a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust campaign working to restore and protect vital wildlife areas of Sherwood Forest.

Champions of Sherwood

Visit the website at

Exciting New Domains Available

10th Jul 2014

The world of domain names has just become a lot more exciting with the creation of gLTDs (generic top level domains). Admittedly they have a really boring moniker but gTLDs can help immediately define your business name and website by industy or type.

Instead of the usual .com & type domain names you can now choose from many more, like .events or .menu for example. For those trading in the capital there is even a .london gTLD! What a cool way to show potential customers or service users what you do and where you are.

Domain name illustrations

Domains Relevant to You

Long, descriptive domain names are cumbersome and have the potential to be mis-spelled by those looking for you. Other domain names can seem to be irrelevant to your organisation and what you do. Just imagine, if you're a company that teaches how to cook organically, something like would be ideal!

There are so many new gTLDs, in fact too many to list here and their prices vary but if you're interested in finding out a great new domain name for your website then please hop over to our Green Hosting contact page to get in touch.

Blue Lizard Adventures Powered by Green Hosting

2nd Jun 2014

Now powered by our Green Hosting, Blue Lizard Adventures provides conservation volunteering opportunities, tours and safaris in Brazil, Africa and South Africa.

Blue Lizard Adventures

Visit them at

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