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Clients doing amazing things - part 2

7th Apr 2020

When the world changed those weeks ago we saw our clients step up and do some fabulously creative, kind and imaginative things to adapt and show their care for others. We were so inspired by this we decided to share their great work. So here's part two of the amazing things our clients have been doing...

Sian at Ethical Hour gave businesses a pep talk. Ethical Hour are guiding businesses through a tricky time with much needed connection and support.

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution is to take place entirely online for the first time this year, from 20th - 26th April. We are delighted to be sponsoring this event with our Green Hosting service.

Besma at Curiously Conscious is sending shout-outs on her Instagram channel to sustainable stores who have had to close and shares 22 feel good ideas for working from home.

Musician, songwriter and music producer David Booth has been making sure we have music with his virtual busking sessions.

The Haller Foundation have developed a hand sanitiser which they use for their work in Kenya and shared the recipe

Lynda Stead told us about a company who provides a month's supply of their specilist handcream to midwives for each product sold. Lynda is also creating wired headbands to keep her hair under control until we can go to the hairdressers again.

Ethical Unicorn talks about a movement to make the world fairer when we come out of this - the global online hackathon taking place on 18th & 19th April. This isn't a tech event but invites everyone to join in and talk about actionable solutions.

Anja Lobert creates beautiful, natural soaps and sent a free soap hamper to NHS frontline staff. She has also made a hand sanitiser which is for sale at her website and will deliver in Manchester.

The Wildlife Garden Project have pulled together lots of wildlife gardening projects and activities to keeo us busy and take care of nature.

Paint It Yourself Pottery are now providing pottery supplies deliveries to customers in Cheltenham.

Green & Blue have launched their 'Make Us Smile' competition, asking customers to send a photo of of their nature & wildlife products being used. The winner receives a £150 voucher!

13 amazing things our clients have been doing

26th Mar 2020

The past couple of weeks have collectively been some of the strangest and most worrying times we've ever experienced. However, as always there are uplifting stories of people doing the most wonderful things to help others, to adapt and to simply make it through.

We are constantly impressed by the innovative, caring and creative things our clients get up to at all times and now is no exception. Here are some that might make you smile, be inspired or want to join in:

Olivia Potts of A Half Baked Idea is hosting live 'Isolation Baking' sesssions on Instagram

Whisk are creating an uplifting music playlist on spotify. Tell them your happy song (can you guess which two were our contributions?)

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are live streaming from the peregrine falcon nest in Nottingham City Centre.

Holly Rose showed us how to celebrate spring equinox during self isolation

Roxy Robinson isn't letting the lockdown stop her dancing. Our kitchen dancing definitely doesn't look this good though.

edventure:Frome have moved their Make Shed to a virtual space and are providing their online short courses available to everyone for free.

Green & Blue have had to move the team away from the workshop, with Gavin holding fort and still making beautiful solitary bee houses.

Garden Crowd are encouraging us to use our time at home to enjoy the garden birds. Why not order some bird food?

The Haller Foundation have instaled ingenious hand washing stations at their health centre, education centre, farmer training plot and Nguuni nature sanctuary.

Claire Blackie is providing telephone aromatherapy consultations and preparing personal blends for physical and emotional wellbeing whilst face-to-face treatments are on hold.

Ethical Unicorn explains how we can donate to food banks, giving them exactly what they need and without leaving our homes.

Paint It Yourself Pottery Co are continuing with a virtual version of star painter of the week by looking back at customers past pottery creations on Instagram

Where Does it Come From? have started a Make and Mend Facebook group where you can get creative with your sewing skills.

If you're one of our clients and you'd like us to share your news, do get in touch.

We are here

20th Mar 2020

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak we just want to let our clients know that we are providing our services and support as usual. If any of our clients need us, please continue to get in touch in the usual way, by e-mail or our helpdesk.

A love heart with the text saying 'We are here to support you'

As you know, we love to give shout-outs to the amazing things you are doing and we want to help with that more now than ever to support your businesses and organisations. So, if you have any news you would like us to share then do let us know.

We'll continue to post about our clients on our social media channels but please don't think we're being frivolous in these difficult times, we just like to help shine the spotlight on all their good work.

Stay safe and well everyone.
Much love, from Jez & Vic

Let us share us your news!

24th Jan 2020

One of the ways that we like to give that extra support to our clients here at Green Hosting is by spreading the news about their wonderful work and achievments. If you pop over to our Instagram or Facebook pages you'll see shout outs to new and long-term clients through our feeds and we share their posts in our stories too.

Illustration of social media images

We want to do this more. Our clients are working hard to bring about positive change for people, the planet and life upon it and we believe in what they do.

So, if you're one of our Green Hosting clients and you have some exciting news to share like an event, a new product, an award or an new partnership for example then give us a shout. You can tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or contact us here.

How using Green Hosting can help reduce carbon emissions and exercise consumer influence

8th Jan 2020

Awareness of sustainable lifestyle choices has thankfully now become part of the mainstream. We are extremely conscious of plastic pollution, unsustainable palm oil, switching to meat free meals and buying from zero waste shops. We take a lot of time to think about how choices and actions in our physical lives affect the planet and life upon it.

But what about our online lives? How often do we hear conversations or read articles in the mainstream about the pollution and waste created by the Internet? Not that often I would say. When I talk to people about the negative environmental effect the Internet has, they are often initially surprised that they haven’t considered this before. Consuming and posting content online is such a big part of our every day lives, how have we omitted to think of the power and resources needed to maintain it?

Probably because to us it’s invisible and intangible. It just works. We don’t see the energy required to power, maintain and cool the servers that store, process and deliver every single item of content that is posted online, or the 8 million global datacentres that house those servers.

The environmental cost of the Internet

Currently there are over 4 billion of us using the internet and according to We Are Social & Hootsuite there are on average more than a million new users coming online every day. Our internet use is consuming 3% of the world’s electricity supply and in 2015 totalled more than the whole of the UK’s consumption that year. This is continually growing at an extremely fast rate and experts predict that by 2030 the energy supply in Japan will be completely consumed by data centres.

That massive energy use doesn’t come without an environmental cost. Most data centres are powered by fossil fuel energy sources which means that the global carbon emissions of the world’s data centres now equal that of the aviation industry. The Shift Project also tell us that video watching alone (the hungriest of all online media) generated the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions as that produced by the whole of Spain in 2018.

In a world where we are trying hard to reduce our environmental impact in most areas our online lives seem to be going in the opposite direction.

Switching your website to renewables

According to Greenpeace there is much work to be done but there are some positives too. Since 2010 when they began documenting and reporting the demand for energy and resulting pollution caused by data centres some major internet companies have expressed their commitment to moving to 100% renewables. This has had the knock-on effect of utility companies in the US switching to renewables to meet customer demands and attract new investors.

So, how about your own website? You can make sure that is powered by renewable energy too by using Green Hosting. Switching to a hosting company that powers its servers and data centres with renewables means you are not only helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by our online lives but you are also telling utility and data centre companies that Internet users want more clean energy. This is a great way to exercise your consumer power!

Our Green Hosting

Our green website hosting is powered 100% by renewable energy, all year round. The Centro data centre, which houses our hosting servers, runs entirely on wind generated electricity from UK on-shore and off-shore wind farms. Because the energy is supplied via the grid, the power does not stop if the wind isn’t blowing, nor does it need to fall back on fossil fuels. It remains as reliable as ever and as green as always.

Centro data centre isn’t wasteful with that green energy either and has in fact achieved a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2, which is a very high efficiency rating. This is because it has been designed and built to use electricity as efficiently as possible. By extracting hot air from the building and using naturally cold outside air through the water-based chillers, the cooling systems do not need to be constantly at full power as they would in traditional data centres.

Our Green Hosting service provides all of the same, usual features you would expect from other hosting companies. So, if your website is hosted elsewhere we can help you switch to Green Hosting with minimal disruption.

Sian from #EthicalHour said this about switching to us:

“I'm really impressed with the service I received from Green Hosting. I was nervous about moving my site over in case anything got lost or broken but they guided me through the whole process, answered all my questions in plain English and kept me updated at every stage. They handled the whole switch over for me and it went smoothly. Not only have they made my site more sustainable but it's actually much faster now too!”

You can find out more about our Green Hosting service and see more lovely client comments at

What else can we do to make our online lives more sustainable?

There are other ways we can live more sustainably online, both via our own websites and elsewhere. We wrote an article about this for Zero Waste Week 2019, so do check it out.

Useful reading resources

There are lots of useful resources on this topic, some of which I used to gather the figures on internet use, data consumption and carbon emissions shown above. If you’d like to delve deeper here are the links:

We Are Social – Digital 2019: Global Internet Use Accelerates

Data Center Knowledge - The Data Center Dilemma: Is Our Data Destroying the Environment?

Information Age - A perfect storm: the environmental impact of data centres

Impakter - Hungry for Data, Starving the World

Independent - Global warming: Data centres to consume three times as much energy in next decade, experts warn

Nature - How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity

The Shift Project – The Unsustainable Use of Online Video

Greenpeace – Click Clean Report

Greenpeace – Clicking Clean Virginia

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