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4th Oct 2017

The Green Web Foundation PartnerGreat news! Green Hosting is now listed in the Green Web Foundation's international directory of hosting companies using renewable energy AND we are a Green Web Foundation Partner too. We have gained partner status due to our ethical and environmental policies published on our website.

The Green Web Foundation is a non-profit organisation working hard towards an internet powered entirely by renewable energy and checks every members' green credentials before listing them on their website. They provide an online tool to check whether websites measure up as Green (powered by renewable energy) or Grey (powered by fossil fuels or status unknown). If your website checks out as being green you can show one of their badges on your website.*

*NOTE: We have found that websites using Cloudflare may check out as not being green when in fact they are. This is because Cloudflare obscures the website's actual IP for added security.

A customer’s view on Green Hosting

13th Sep 2017

We 'met' sustainable lifestyle blogger Francesca from Ethical Unicorn via the online #EthicalHour Network this summer. We had been talking about our wind powered website hosting, answering questions and generally finding out that still even lots of environmentally aware folks do not know of the pollution caused by web hosting powered by fossil fuels. We were delighted when Francesca signed up to one of our hosting plans and hired us to help her switch from her old WordPress hosted platform to our Green Hosting server and get her set up with a new theme.  

I switched to Green Hosting a week ago now, and I honestly feel it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Once her new website was up and running Francesca wrote about what she learned about the website hosting industry, how there is an environmentally friendly alternative and her experience on working with us. Read Francesca's article 'The Environmental Impact Of Web Hosting, And Why I Switched To Wind Power'.

We get lots of lovely feedback from our clients but we thought this was particularly great, detailing Francesca's initial decision to switch right through to our customer service. Take a look at our clients page to see some of the other websites hosted with us.

Transfer your website to Green Hosting with our help

1st Jul 2017

Wind powered website hostingHosting your website on servers powered by 100% renewable energy is a real way of ensuring your business or organisation is helping the environment.

You might wonder what impact that can really make but second to the aviation industry, the powering of datacentres and cloud computing run on fossil fuels is reported to be the largest global contributor to carbon emissions. That is a big deal!

Let us help you switch to wind power

Don't be put off by the idea that switching from your old website host to Green Hosting is complicated and disruptive, it needn't be. We can help you make a smooth transition to us.

All you need to do is add the 'Website Transfer Service' when you sign up to one of our hosting plans. The best part is that our transfer service isn't expensive, it's just a one-off fee of £25.

If you have a WordPress website we can transfer your site and provide extra security features to help protect it from hackers.

If you'd like to know more please get in touch.

50% off for Fairtrade

3rd Mar 2017

We love Fairtrade here at Green Hosting, always have, always will.

Fairtrade markSo to celebrate this year's Fairtrade Fortnight we are offering 50% off all our Green Hosting plans to businesses ond organisations that sell certified Fairtrade products. That's products with the official Fairtrade mark.

Sign up here with the discount code FAIRTRADE2017.

Here's what the offer includes:

- 50% off any of our green hosting plans for the first year
- The offer applies to annual payments only. Please choose this option on sign-up.
- To sign-up, go to and enter the promotion code FAIRTRADE2017 in the checkout.
- Offer ends midnight 12th March 2017.

20% off to celebrate 10 years of Green Hosting!

11th Feb 2016

This year marks the great big 10 year anniversary for Green Hosting! Yay!!

To celebrate we are offering 20% discount on all of our website hosting plans.

How to claim the offer

All you need to do is, sign up here and use the code GREENHOST20 to claim the offer.

Have your website run by the wind!

- Make your website 100% powered by UK wind farms
- Enjoy a reliable uptime of more than 99%
- Get friendly and helpful UK support.
- Use a service provided by a green and ethical company.

If you're not sure which hosting plan will suit you then please do get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Here's what the offer includes:

- 20% off any of our green hosting packages for the first year
- The offer applies to annual payments only. Please choose this option on sign-up.
- To sign-up, go to and enter the promotion code GREENHOST20 in the checkout.
- Offer ends 31st December 2016.

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