Supporting education & fun at Green’s Windmill

Supporting education & fun at Green’s Windmill

We are not the only organisation in Nottingham that uses the power of the wind. Nottingham’s beloved Green’s Windmill is an educational and fun attraction in the city centre with a working 19th century windmill, science activity centre and community garden.

We support this fantastic local charity by providing voluntary website design, support, maintenance and of course our own wind powered Green Hosting. We re-built their website in 2017 to help promote the charity, showcasing the free facilities for families, brilliant year-round events and fundraising activities. We help market them via our own social channels and make sure their content is fresh and up to date.

Greens Windmill

Like many charities, Green’s Windmill has suffered huge cuts to their funding in recent years, which means that their hardworking staff and volunteers are continually under more pressure to keep the windmill sails turning. We love to support their amazing work and wanted to alleviate the cost of their online activities so they had one less thing to pay for. They tell us this is a big help.

“We are thrilled with our website from Make Hay and doubly delighted that it is powered by the wind via Green Hosting. It seems entirely appropriate that a place which relies so heavily on the wind for its operation is also making use of the wind in other areas – and maintaining as low a carbon footprint as possible. Make Hay are ethical, reliable, great communicators and thoroughly nice people, we wouldn’t look anywhere else for web hosting.” - Jamie Duff, Heritage Development Officer, Green's Windmill & Science Centre.

Green’s Windmill is a vital heritage facility for Nottingham, providing educational and play opportunities for children to learn about science, baking and local history. Ask anyone who grew up in Nottingham or who lives here with their family and they will tell you how they have spent many a happy day at Green’s Mill as a child or with their own children. Because entrance to Green’s Windmill and Science Centre is free and their fun school holiday events cost just a few pounds, it is more accessible to many families than other, more expensive attractions. This is important to the ethos of The Green’s Mill Trust and to us.

Greens Windmill community garden

Green’s Windmill really is a credit to our city, firstly with the mill itself being a much-loved landmark providing stunning views across Nottingham and milling certified organic flour for local bakeries. It has a beautiful community garden and a science centre where children can conduct cool experiments. Find out more about their work at

We provide pro-bono Green Hosting and web design services to other charities, non-profits and groups that make us smile. This is something we will continue to do and has in fact been one of the core practices of our business since day one.