Client origin story - Green & Moore Accountancy

18th Jun 2021

First up in our Client Origin Story series of blog post is Green & Moore, founded by David Moore ethical accountant and business advisor. Over to to you David...

I’m David, the owner of Green & Moore Accountancy and I want to share with you my inspiration for starting my own sustainable accountancy business.

David Moore from Green & Moore Accountants with white flowers and green leaves in the backgroundMy business has been going for about a year and a half now and I am enjoying the new challenges that running a business brings.  There is always more admin and business planning to do, but it’s very fulfilling.

I have met some great people on the way from networking groups and like minded businesses. It has been great to see more vegan and environmental businesses setting up and doing well recently especially during these tough circumstances.

One of the main reasons I wanted to start my own business was because I was unhappy in my job, there were several parts about the job I was not enjoying. One being working 9-5 every week day, as I realised I was just working for a two day break at the weekend leaving me little time to do the things I enjoy and am passionate about. My job was also particularly boring in February and March due to little to no work after a busy tax year. In these months I still had to go in and find pointless and meaningless things to do, they were particularly long days.

My turning point was when I decided to change jobs and work for another company, it was during my time here that I realised whichever company I worked for I wouldn’t be satisfied. I was even offered a promotion and pay rise to stay but I had already decided that I wanted to start my own business. I was lucky enough that my previous employer was happy for me to work for her whilst I built up my business.

Green & Moore Accountancy logo

Once I decided to create and build up my own business, I wanted to put the things I find important into the business. The main focus being it was environmentally friendly, this included choosing an ethical bank account, environmentally friendly web hosting and buying a refurbished laptop. Setting up my office at home gives me the opportunity to manage my time better and to eat fresh meals at lunch, allowing me to sometimes go into the garden to pick some fresh spinach or pick tomatoes. It also cuts out my commute which saves me a lot of time and reduces my carbon emissions. This works out to be approximately 0.84 tonnes of carbon per year.

I also wanted to be accessible to my clients as this was something I was never able to offer whilst being employed, which is why they can book appointments in the evenings and at weekends and email or call if they are unsure about anything. This also gives me the flexibility to work when I want or need to and spend more time with my family and doing things I enjoy.

There has been a lot of research and planning during my journey, but luckily with being an accountant, which involves working with businesses, I had a good footing of where to start, this is why I share tips on my Instagram and Facebook pages to help guide people setting up their own business.

David Moore
Green & Moore Accountancy Ltd

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