Your origin story

18th Jun 2021

If you are familiar with the way we do things here at Green Hosting you'll know that we love to talk about the wonderful work of our clients. We share clients' social media posts, give shout outs to new and long term clients, highlight their exciting news and, in most recent times, added a new monthly blog feature about the amazing things our clients have been doing during lockdown.

Text saying Green Hosting Clients! We want to share your origin story

Now we'd like to introduce a new way for everyone to learn more about our clients, through their origin story. Over the years I've found that those who chose to create their own brand or set up an organisation have a story to tell. They may have been inspired by someone they met or saw a need that needed to be fulfilled or they simply decided they wanted to do things their own way. Ethical businesses, charities and positive enterprises often have an additionally interesting tale because their motivation was and is driven by purpose over profit, a desire to make things better for others.

So, Green Hosting clients, tell us your origin story. We would love to hear how your business came to life. It may be a path familiar to many of us or a big surprise but I'm sure that whatever it is it will provoke thought and perhaps even encourage and energise others to begin their own ethical business story. We'll post it here on our blog and via our social media channels.

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Looking forward to hearing from you!