E-mail auto responders

An auto responder is used to send an automatic reply when you receive an e-mail. This is sometimes used as a notification that you're on holiday or how to contact you in case of emergency. You can set up an auto-responder within your Green Hosting webmail account.

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E-mail forwarders

You may wish to forward e-mails to another e-mail service (such as Google Mail) without saving them within your Green Hosting webmail account. This is a useful way to save disk space. To forward e-mails to another service, you do not need to create an e-mail account within Green Hosting, just an e-mail forwarder.

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Lost or change e-mail password

If you have lost your e-mail password you can reset this within your Green Hosting control panel. Whether we set up e-mail addresses for you at your Green Hosting account or you created these yourself, we do not keep copies of your e-mail password and cannot re-send this to you.

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Logging in to e-mail through webmail

Once you have set up an e-mail address within your Green Hosting account you may log in to manage e-mail messages via webmail.

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Creating e-mail accounts

Your Green Hosting account allows unlimited e-mail addresses. Here's a guide on how to create new e-mail accounts.

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