Lost or change e-mail password

If you have lost your e-mail password you can reset this within your Green Hosting control panel. Whether we set up e-mail addresses for you at your Green Hosting account or you created these yourself, we do not keep copies of your e-mail password and cannot re-send this to you.

To reset your e-mail password:

  • Log-in to your Green Hosting website control panel
  • Click 'Email Accounts'

Email accounts in the Green Hosting control panel

  • Click 'Change Password' next to the appropriate e-mail account.

Changing the e-mail password

  • Insert the new password twice and click the 'Change Password' button to save.

Please note that if an e-mail password is changed at any time then you must notify anyone who needs access to that e-mail account. You must also update your new password in any e-mail clients (such as Outlook or Mac Mail).

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