What matters to you

16th Apr 2021

We talk a lot about the environmental credentials of Green Hosting but we know there are other, arguably more important, things to consider when it comes to choosing a web host.

A client testimonial from Ethical Revolution. The text is included in the news story.Being an online business ourselves we completely understand that entrusting your website with anyone is a big deal. You need to know that the service is secure and reliable and crucially that you can access technical support when you need it.

How do we know this? We've been providing web hosting for 16 years and so we've definitely got the experience behind us to know what clients really want the most.

When clients tell us how happy they are with our clear communication and straightforward support, that they were relieved at how smoothly we transferred their website and e-mails or or that they appreciated the quick set up, this shows us what matters to you.

Here are a some of the things our clients said about us:

"Thank YOU for providing such a brilliant service! Honestly, before starting Ethical Revolution all those years ago I used to provide web solutions for businesses and so I have had plenty of experience of web hosts. Even without the amazing green credentials you guys are the best!"
Sam Attard

"I'm really impressed with the service I received from Green Hosting. I was nervous about moving my site over in case anything got lost or broken but they guided me through the whole process, answered all my questions in plain English and kept me updated at every stage. They handled the whole switch over for me and it went smoothly. Not only have they made my site more sustainable but it's actually much faster now too!"
Sian Conway-Wood

You're a dream, thank you, best service I've ever had in my life from a hosting company!
Holly Rose

We’d REALLY recommend Green Hosting as they’ve been fantastic throughout this whole process.
Sarah Webb

"So great to know that my website won't be running on fossil fuels - and to top it off they were incredibly quick and helpful with set-up"
Rachel Baker

If you are looking to move your website to Green Hosting then do get in touch. To see other websites using our Green Hosting, take a look at our Clients page.

Please note that Wix, Squarespace & Shopify are all closed web platforms and websites built with these systems are not able to be moved elsewhere.