We have taken The Ethical Move pledge

17th Sep 2021

Those who know us know that we are always looking for ways to make more positive changes to the services we provide and the way we do business. This runs from the suppliers we choose to the way we support our clients.

The Ethical Move badgeMore recently we have been looking at how we market our services and how we can ensure that we aren't partaking in unethical practices. This is where the Ethical Move Comes in.

The Ethical Move aims to change the way that businesses sell and customers consume, to break the cycle of consumerism. Some businesses use tactics to convice customers to buy things they don't really need and that isn't doing anyone any good, least of all the planet.

So The Ethical Move have created a pledge for businesses to take and we have taken it too. We haven't needed to make any adjustments to our marketing practices as these are things we already do but it is great to have them in writing and to 'wear' our The Ethical Move badge!

Our Pledge

1) Charm pricing
We pledge to continue to use round numbers and not  'charm prices'.

2) Countdowns
We pledge to not use countdown timers to drive a sale.

3) False scarcity
We pledge to be honest about availability.

4) Lead magnets
We pledge to be transparent in our email list building.

5) Bait and switch
We pledge to deliver the value we promise pitch-conscious.

6) Woke washing
We pledge to not use social issues to leverage our marketing.

7) Secret recipe
We pledge to not make false promises in our sales and marketing.

Like any development and progression in business we anticipate that there will be more ways that we can improve over time. This pledge isn't the end and it isn't set in stone.

You can find out more about the aims of The Ethical move here and details of the pledge here.