Green Web Foundation Partners

4th Oct 2017

The Green Web Foundation PartnerGreat news! Green Hosting is now listed in the Green Web Foundation's international directory of hosting companies using renewable energy AND we are a Green Web Foundation Partner too. We have gained partner status due to our ethical and environmental policies published on our website.

The Green Web Foundation is a non-profit organisation working hard towards an internet powered entirely by renewable energy and checks every members' green credentials before listing them on their website. They provide an online tool to check whether websites measure up as Green (powered by renewable energy) or Grey (powered by fossil fuels or status unknown). If your website checks out as being green you can show one of their badges on your website.*

*NOTE: We have found that websites using Cloudflare may check out as not being green when in fact they are. This is because Cloudflare obscures the website's actual IP for added security.