Clients doing amazing things part 3

28th Jan 2021

When I first started writing these posts back in March 2020 about the wonderful things our clients were doing to adjust to lockdown I never imagined that we would be in the same position again this January. However, here we are and our clients are still amazing us with their creativity, tenacity and kindness...

PIctures of the 12 clients and their products featured in the 'Clients doing amazing things part 3' article

#EthicalHour published their #ShopEthicalInstead impact report from the campaign they ran in November 2020. #ShopEthicalInstead is the antithesis of Black Friday, raising up businesses that care about people and the planet and encouraging shoppers to reject the wastefulness that comes with big brands' 'bargains' that aren't really much of a bargain at all. No spoilers but I will say it was a great success!

Rob Bartlett launches his new and frankly genius planet friendly icon set. Coined by Rob, it is in fact the world’s first Econography set and is a true example of a honed craft resulting in this incredibly thoughtful, functional and ethical artwork.

Little Green Space announced the creation of their book Ecopreneurship - to help businesses that wish to protect our environment, to communicate their achievements and tell authentic stories through design.

Plastic Free Party Bags have adapted their business to work around covid. Many of us are missing parties right now, especially children, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. You can still buy Fairtrade and vegan gifts, toys and even pre-filled party bags to keep the enjoyment going at home.

Conservation Through Public Health talk to their founder and CEO Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, a veterinarian, an epidemiologist and a health worker, about her important role especially during this time of the pandemic. CTPH is a non-profit organisation improving the health and quality of life of people living near protected areas of Africa, so that they can peacefully coexist with the wildlife, notably the gorillas in Uganda. This truly is trailblazing work for people and for the natural world and it is a joy to read Dr Gladys' words.

Katie from Cocoon published her top 24 eco zines to add to your reading list. Not only that, if you visit the Cocoon Instagram channel you will find lots of useful marketing tips and ideas.

Paint It Yourself Pottery have kept us smiling with their weekly 'Star Painter' competition and importantly are now providing paint at home kits so that pottery needs can still be met whilst the shop is closed to the public.

Besma from Curiously Conscious has gathered her years of research and writing to create this huge list of the best 150+ Sustainable fashion brands in the UK. I don't know of any list more comprehensive that this and Besma really knows her stuff!

Wicked Weather Watch are researching to develop a Net Zero Toolkit which will help schools who have declared a climate emergency. If you're a teacher or parent/carer of children at primary school level, perhaps you could help them out.

Anja Löbert announced her plans to open a nature retreat in the UK. Anja describes how this long time dream will be turned into reality and paints a really beautiful picture of the plans for this special place, to be named Wild Owl. Anja is looking for people to be involved in building all aspects of the retreat, so do check out the post and get in touch if it sounds like something you'd love to do.

Claire Blackie helps us to deal with anxiety using aromatherapy, with guidance on how to use the best essential oils for calm. Whilst she is unable to provide treatments to clients Claire is also hosting a range of online workshops on how to use aromatherapy for wellbeing.

Corrine at Ethical Sales provides a detailed exploration of the top B2B Sales trends of 2021 for ethical businesses. If you're running a purpose driven business then it is definitely worth checking out these thoughts for the coming year.

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Let us share your good news! Tell us what you've been doing to adjust to life in lockdown 3, any achievements you'd like to share, new products or services or even hopes and dreams for the future. You're the reason why we do what we do and we are continually blown away by what we learn from you.