Client Origin Story – The Ethical Copywriter

8th Sep 2021

Our next Client Origin Story comes from Rachel, The Ethical Copywriter. I love to hear about entrepreneurs breaking out to do things their own way and then finding even more ways they can make a positive difference through their skills. Over to you Rachel...

Hi, I’m Rachel Baker, a.k.a. The Ethical Copywriter.

Rachel Baker smiling, sat at her deskI run a copywriting business where I write blog posts, website copy, newsletters etc. for ethical and sustainable businesses. I also have a background in search engine optimisation (SEO) and help out clients with SEO content strategy and technical SEO.

The backstory

After working in-house as a copywriter and content manager for a number of years, in early 2021 I decided to set up by myself, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I’ve always liked the idea of working for myself. Having a creative job, I like to be able to work in focussed periods, uninterrupted, then take breaks to recharge when I need to. Being chained to a desk 9-5 every day just didn’t work for me.

But more importantly, I wanted to work with companies I was really excited about, whose principles matched my own.

I’m really passionate about climate and social justice, and I think that these issues are often seen as separate to the world of business. In reality, like everything else in the world, they’re completely interlinked. Businesses have a huge impact on our planet and societies – sadly, often a negative one – and I wanted to work with companies who are dedicated to having a positive impact and changing things for the better.

Writing ethically

I started out with my business because I wanted to help ethical and sustainable companies.

But after a while, I also started to realise the value of ethical copywriting.

Copywriting is usually described as writing to sell or persuade. As a result, it can sometimes err into manipulation. Many marketing departments will play on people’s emotions, using fear and creating a false sense of urgency in order to make people buy.

That’s not something I do.

For me, good copywriting is about giving people a true sense of your brand. My clients all have amazing missions, products and services – I help put them into words so that customers can see how great they are. No manipulation needed!

Fighting greenwashing

Something else I take very seriously in my job as a copywriter is combatting greenwashing.

Greenwashing is when companies say or imply that they are more sustainable than they really are.

Sometimes, this is by mistake, and comes from simply being too vague about what they are doing to be more sustainable.

I help companies to communicate what they’re doing, clearly and transparently. This helps to foster trust with customers and clients, as they don’t feel like they’re being misled.

My impact as a business owner

I also take steps in my own business to be as sustainable as possible. One of these is by using Green Hosting for my website and email! I also power my home (which doubles as my office) with green energy from Octopus Energy.

I’m looking into ways I can be carbon negative as well, for example by donating to a tree-planting or rewilding scheme with each invoice. I haven’t done this yet as I want to do my research and make sure I choose a responsible, reputable scheme.

Future plans

Going forward, I’d like to offer courses and resources to help smaller ethical businesses, who might not have the budget to hire a copywriter, to write their own ethical copy. I’d also love to offer work opportunities to people who might struggle to get into the world of work. Watch this space!

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