Client Origin Story – Love Heartwood

30th Sep 2021

Next up in our Client Origin Stories is Love Heartwood. I don't want to give too much away but I always think it's wonderful how a love of nature from an early age so often informs what you do as an adult. With no further delay, over to you Liz...

Liz Pearson smiling with greenery in the backgroundHi, my name’s Liz Pearson and I founded my woodturning business, Love Heartwood, in the Autumn of 2017. Love Heartwood creates wooden toys, gifts and homeware that are handmade in harmony with nature. However, I didn’t just decide to start a business one day, it’s just grown naturally over the years from my love for nature and craft.

My background

Turning’s my second career. In my early 30’s I left a successful 10-year teaching career to study product design at Central St. Martin’s in London. It was amazing being at one of the top creative art & design colleges in the country, and it was there that I discovered and fell in love with wood turning.

When I graduated in 2008, I vowed to get my own lathe. Life of course, got in the way meaning that didn’t happen until the summer of 2013. When I finally took delivery of my own lathe the day before my wedding my husband-to-be joked, we’d be setting it up on our honeymoon. He wasn’t laughing for long though as that’s pretty much what happened.

A rural childhood

I was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful part of Scotland called Fife, where I spent a lot of my childhood playing imaginative games in the woods. I learned the names of the trees and always felt safe and happy there. That experience left me with a deep emotional connection to nature and ‘the woods’. My love of wood as a material led me to dabble in different types of woodwork over the years never thinking I’d make it my living.

A commitment to sustainability

It’s increasingly being recognised by scientists that wood has measurable health benefits. Studies have shown it improves blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels. Improvements to a person’s emotional state and level of self-expression have also been recorded. With the spread of urbanisation our lives are increasingly disconnected from nature. So I feel it’s my mission to create objects to reconnect people to nature.

Complementing my love of natural materials is my deep dislike of synthetic materials and the current systems of mass-manufacture with their wasteful mind set. We are now surrounded by plastic items that may indeed be affordable but in consequence hold very little real value for us.

That’s why Love Heartwood has an ethos of sustainability that runs through every area of the business. Using locally sourced, natural, and sustainable materials is an obvious choice. But I also use plant-based, vegan friendly paints and finishes, minimal, biodegradable packaging, and recycled office materials. My commitment to sustainability also guides the kind of products I make and the suppliers I use. It even prompted me to set up a repair service for wooden toys. To make a positive environmental impact Love Heartwood works with the TreeSisters charity to plant a tree for every product sold. Switching the website’s hosting to Green Hosting was just the next step in reducing the businesses carbon footprint.

A passion for beautifully crafted natural products

Love Heartwood has grown from my passion for making beautifully crafted, characterful products that are made from and celebrate the natural world that surrounds us. Going forward I hope to share them with the now expanding audience of conscious consumers.

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