Client Origin Story - Conscious Skincare

13th Jul 2022

Our latest Client Origin Story comes from Rebecca of Conscious Skincare. The great thing about this story is that this business was in the pipeline for Rebecca from a young age. Find out how it came into being and the success it is today. Over to you Rebecca...

9 ½ out of 10. This was the score from my biology homework when I was 13. The topic was ‘The Skin’ and the homework was to create a skincare routine for a teenager.

From an early age, I always wanted to run my own business. I always loved experimenting, especially if I could see a way I could improve things. The perfect opportunity came along when me and my husband moved to the west coast of Wales. Soon after we moved in, however, my husband was poisoned by a well known weed killer and became instantly sensitive to everything so I scrabbled through my notes and recipes and made up some products he could use safely. And so, Conscious Skincare was born!

Rebecca and Quentin, founders of Conscious Skincare

I had already started ‘tinkering’ with skincare recipes with an ‘Ooh what if I did that?’ curiosity at every turn. Now, over 10 years later, we’re blown away sometimes by how much our customers love our products, our ethos and equally by their loyalty and support; we’re humbled by it in fact. It also affirms to us that we’re doing the right things, the right way. This was never about a ‘get rich’ scheme for us, or to turn Conscious Skincare into some multi national faceless corporation. It was, and still is about making the best natural skincare products we can with the best organic ingredients and being close enough to these precious ingredients and the process to know their providence and integrity, rather than our products being massed produced god knows how, god knows where then shipped half way around the world. And at what true cost?

A range of Conscious Skincare products and a branded wash bag

Who knew we’d reach the point when we were sitting at our dining room table in 2012, hand labelling 1800 products for a boutique, Cotswold hotel contract we’d won, with boxes piled high all around us? We hand labelled all those products with a ‘Heath Robinson’ gadget my father-in-law crafted from wood so we could rest the bottle on a cradle and line up the label so it would apply neatly and straight to look their best in the beautiful hotel bathrooms.

And so here we are, in our 11th year, still maintaining our founding principles, not being swayed or lured onto the ‘dark side’. We will always be cruelty free, no palm oil, no hideous 26 letter, unpronounceable preservatives in our products which continue to be lovingly made by us and our fabulous team here on the west coast of Wales.

Rebecca & Quentin, Founders

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