A customer’s view on Green Hosting

13th Sep 2017

We 'met' sustainable lifestyle blogger Francesca from Ethical Unicorn via the online #EthicalHour Network this summer. We had been talking about our wind powered website hosting, answering questions and generally finding out that still even lots of environmentally aware folks do not know of the pollution caused by web hosting powered by fossil fuels. We were delighted when Francesca signed up to one of our hosting plans and hired us to help her switch from her old WordPress hosted platform to our Green Hosting server and get her set up with a new theme.  

I switched to Green Hosting a week ago now, and I honestly feel it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Once her new website was up and running Francesca wrote about what she learned about the website hosting industry, how there is an environmentally friendly alternative and her experience on working with us. Read Francesca's article 'The Environmental Impact Of Web Hosting, And Why I Switched To Wind Power'.

We get lots of lovely feedback from our clients but we thought this was particularly great, detailing Francesca's initial decision to switch right through to our customer service. Take a look at our clients page to see some of the other websites hosted with us.