Installing WordPress using Softaculous

Installing WordPress at your Green Hosting account is easy using our Softaculous Apps Installer.

Log in to your hosting account CPanel and click the WordPress icon under the 'Softaculous App Installer' section:

WordPress installation in CPanel

In the next screen click the 'Install' button:

Click the Install button

Complete the details of the form on the next screen. Some points to note:

  • To install WordPress directly at your domain and not in a sub-directory, leave the 'In Directory' field blank
  • Change the 'Admin Username' from admin to something that is less easy for hackers to guess
  • Make sure your password is sufficiently strong to keep it as secure as possible
  • Limit log-in attempts can be useful to stop hackers from trying to log-in multiple times. Please note that the limits apply to anyone trying to log in and if they fail the number of permitted attempts they will be locked out of the WordPress log-in.

Once you are happy with the chosen settings, click 'Install' at the bottom of the screen and select if you would like your log-in details to be e-mailed to you (if not, make sure you have made a note of your WordPress username and password).

The install takes a few seconds / minutes. Allow it to complete before navigating away from the installation bar screen.

WordPress installation progress bar

You can now log-in to your new WordPress website.

WordPress install complete

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