Create a full account back up / Snapshot in cPanel

Create a full back up of your account with all of your files, databases, e-mails etc.

Log in to your Green Hosting control panel.

Under the Jetbackup section, click 'Snapshots'

Snapshot link in cPanel

In the next screen click the 'Create Snapshot' button to create a copy of your account. Wait several minutes for the Snapshot to be created.

Once created you will see the snapshot appear in the same screen. You can generate a download of this to be saved and restored later if necessary - Please note that only one generated download is saved on the server for your account at a time. Any older downloads will be deleted and replaced with this latest one.

Creating snapshots

Once the download is generated (this will take several minutes and there will be a notification that this is in progress), click the Download link to download and save a file of your snapshot.

This file may be restored later if needed.

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