Our Clients' Testimonials

Visit our Client Portfolio and see that if you choose Green Hosting you are in good company.

"Time for a huge shout out for Jez at Green Hosting for sorting out the migration of my website and business email to their UK-based server. Highly recommended if you're looking for Green Hosting and very cost-effective!"

Ian Groves

"Once more, I couldn't be happier with the flow of things with Green Hosting - you make it smooth, easy and simple."

Zevic Mishor
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

"Green Hosting is amazing! They are super helpful and wind power run."

Lottie Woods

"A wicked level of service from you guys. Really pleased to have found a good and friendly hosting comp. Looking forward to working with you in the future."

Gaz Battersby

"I'm really impressed with the service I received from Make Hay Green Hosting. I was nervous about moving my site over in case anything got lost or broken but they guided me through the whole process, answered all my questions in plain English and kept me updated at every stage. They handled the whole switch over for me and it went smoothly. Not only have they made my site more sustainable but it's actually much faster now too!"

Sian Conway

"Thank you SO much for your help in making the transition quick and painless... I’m very grateful for your professionalism and general helpfulness"

Wellness Flowing

"Thank YOU for providing such a brilliant service! Honestly, before starting Ethical Revolution all those years ago I used to provide web solutions for businesses and so I have had plenty of experience of web hosts. Even without the amazing green credentials you guys are the best!"

Sam Attard
Ethical Revolution

"As always a great service from you. I have recommended you a number of times amd will continue to do so. Not very often you get such fantastic service these days... Big pat on the back to the Green Hosting team"

Jason Hollingsworth

"You're a dream, thank you, best service I've ever had in my life from a hosting company!"

Holly Rose

"I’ve always been so impressed with your fantastic customer service, I always recommend you to people in search of hosting!"


"So great to know that my website won’t be running on fossil fuels - and to top it off they were incredibly quick and helpful with set-up."

Rachel Baker
The Ethical Copywriter

"We love working with Green Hosting - you are a pleasure to work with and having a wind powered website fits our ethos totally!"

Jo Salter
Where Does it Come From?

"I will be sure to point anybody and everybody your way. You guys have been brilliant."

Lee Goater

"I'm continually in awe at the level of service I receive from the team at Green Hosting. Not only do they make an outstanding contribution to business ethics-wise, but their friendly and professional demeanour makes them an absolute pleasure to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Michelle Beck
Orbis Marketing

"As well as making Love HeartWood more sustainable they took all the stress out of the transfer and it went smooth as silk. Big thanks,"

Liz Pearson
Love HeartWood

"So happy to have found you guys. Everything works now AND it's better for the planet!"

Emmeline Hundleby
Plastic Free Party Bags

"I can’t recommend Green Hosting highly enough, the service they provide is excellent and nothing is too much trouble. Jez will help you every step of the way, a rare thing in IT support"

Tessa Sanders-Barwick
Puffin Digital

"Thanks so much for responding so quickly. You guys really are amazing with your support."

Steve Kennedy

"Thank you, I'm so happy to be powered by the wind now! So lovely to deal with real and wonderful people too who went above and beyond to make the whole process of switching a breeze (pun intended!)"

Laura Turner

"Your customer service really is excellent."

Mary Walsh

"I switched to Green Hosting a week ago now, and I honestly feel it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

Francesca Willow
Ethical Unicorn

"We’d REALLY recommend Green Hosting as they’ve been fantastic throughout this whole process."

Sarah Webb
Unlimited Theatre