Customer care and ethical business

16th Feb 2022

What do you consider to be the essential qualities of an ethical business?

In the ethical business world we often highlight practices such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, supply chains, cruelty-free, organic, Fairtrade and so on as marks of responsible ways of working. But what about customer care? Surely showing care for your customers is one of the most ethical things you can do as a business?

A couple of years ago I experienced uncaring customer service from a well-respected, large ‘ethical’ company. We had specifically chosen this company for their ethical track record, for the efforts they were making to raise standards in their industry and for the benefit of the planet. We were proud to say we were their customers. We had stayed with them for many years even though their service was a significantly higher price than others. However, when an issue arose (two mistakes made by them that were costly and stressful to us) and they demonstrated that money was more important to them than providing a caring service, we could no longer stay.

It is vital that we acknowledge we are all human and can make mistakes. But even more important is it to understand that human compassion is needed when your mistake may have caused someone else an inconvenience at best and at worse distress. This was why, despite how much I had previously appreciated the provider mentioned above, I couldn’t keep our custom with them. They just did not show any compassion for the problems they had caused after the mistakes they had made. That lack of care is not ethical.

Despite the fact that we talk about our service being powered by renewable energy an awful lot, we know that green credentials aren’t our clients’ only concern. To be treated with care and consideration are just as important. We are all people, not simply an account or the sum of money we pay.

We receive lots of lovely feedback from our clients about how reassuring our service has been, especially when transferring their website to us. So we have added a new ‘Testimonials’ page to our website to show them all in one place. You can also see them in our ‘Happy Clients’ Instagram stories.