Purchase WordPress install and security on sign-up

New Green Hosting customers signing up to one of our plans can add the option of WordPress installation and the addition of some essential security measures at their WordPress website.

For a one-off £25 fee we will install WordPress for at your new Green Hosting account and:
- Create a non 'admin' username
- Limit log-in attempts
- Rename the log-in URL
- Re-route the standard log-in URL to a 403 forbidden page
- Install 'Plugin Vulnerabilities'
- Install WordFence

For full details please see our article on boosting your WordPress security.

Website owners can of course do this themselves and we strongly suggest that anyone with a self-hosted WordPress website regularly updates their installation and plug-ins as well as takes care of other security issues.

For our existing Green Hosting customers, if you would like help with this please contact us.

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