E-mail forwarders

You may wish to forward e-mails to another e-mail service (such as Google Mail) without saving them within your Green Hosting webmail account. This is a useful way to save disk space. To forward e-mails to another service, you do not need to create an e-mail account within Green Hosting, just an e-mail forwarder.

To set up an e-mail forwarder:

  • Log-in to your Green Hosting website control panel
  • Click 'Forwarders'

E-mail forwarders in the hosting control panel

Under the 'Email Account Forwarders' section, click the 'Add Forwarder' button.

Image of the form used to add an e-mail forwarder

  • Insert the address that you would like to forward e-mails from.
  • Add the destination address - where you would like e-mails to be sent to.

Please note that if you do not create an e-mail account for your forwarded address (address from) then a copy of messages received to that address will not be saved in your Green Hosting account and only be forwarded to your destination address (e.g a gmail account). If an e-mail account is created (within your Green Hosting account) in addition to the forwarder then a copy of received messages will be saved in your Green Hosting account.

Remember to delete any unwanted copies of messages saved on the Green Hosting server to ensure you do not run out of disk space.

Disk space allowance for your e-mail accounts is included within your overall Green Hosting account disk space. Therefore e-mail forwarders are a useful way of saving disk space.

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