Green Hosting Clients

Footprint Arts Footprint Arts
Workshops to encourage respect for our world and green habits
Mission Mango Mission Mango
Marketing for socially conscious and ethically engaged businesses
Grenadier Estates Grenadier Estates
A sustainable approach to property development

Camp Books Camp Books
Rare texts & artifacts related to LGBTQ+ history
Green's Windmill Green's Windmill
A restored working windmill and science centre
Ethical Influencers Ethical Influencers
A digital community doing good

DM Consulting DM Consulting
Specialising in public international law
Soul Unity Healing Soul Unity Healing
Past life regression and energy healing practitioner Miriam Murray
Claire Blackie Aromatherapy Claire Blackie Aromatherapy
Certified clinical aromatherapy services

Green & Blue Build Green & Blue Build
Innovative products creating habitats for wildlife.
Green & Blue Green & Blue
Designers and creators of beautiful wildlife products.
A Half Baked Idea A Half Baked Idea
East London based award winning food writer, baker and wedding caterer.

Conscious Skincare Conscious Skincare
Award winning natural, organic and cruelty-free skincare products.
Sustainable Wallingford Sustainable Wallingford
A community organisation concerned with climate change and other environmental issues.
Lieta Marziali Lieta Marziali
Ethical contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

Thoughts Make Things Thoughts Make Things
Sheffield based illustrator and designer using Green Hosting for business e-mails.
All Ethical All Ethical
Showcasing the best animal free products the internet has to offer.
Fay Arcana Fay Arcana
The collaborative art project of Antonia and Eden Sophia Fay - wives amd creative partners.

Led Astray Led Astray
A blog about dogs and love, ethical products and companies doing good.
The Ethical Box The Ethical Box
A place to help you live as a more conscious consumer.
Cocoon Cocoon
A digital marketing communications agency for sustainable and eco-friendly brands.

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