‘PHP Update Required’ notices in WordPress

You may notice an alert in your WordPress website dashboard stating ‘PHP Update Required’. The WordPress instructions may ask you to contact your web host to do this. However, you can update the PHP version any time in your Green Hosting cPanel.

To change your PHP version:

  • Log in to your Green Hosting cPanel
  • Under the ‘Software’ heading choose ‘Select PHP Version’
  • Select the version in the dropdown list

Please note: Changing your PHP version can adversely affect your website. If this happens, you can change it back. Please act with caution and always take back-ups before making changes to your WordPress website, plugins or themes. Running the latest PHP version possible is best for security and performance but it may not always be compatible with the theme and/or plugins that are also running at your WordPress website (particularly if they are old or not updated).

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