E-mail Security for your Green Hosting Account

If you are experiencing problems sending e-mails from your mail client (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or Android clients etc) you may need to update the security settings in your device / app.

As always, you can read and send e-mails through the webmail app provided in cPanel with your Green Hosting account. However, if you access your e-mails via your device or external app or software you need to make sure they are using a secure (SSL) connection to Green Hosting.

Without this secure connection in place, you may have problems connecting to your e-mail and especially sending emails. Using a secure connection is also necessary in order to meet latest PCI compliance standards.

We cannot check or update the settings in your app or device for you but you can find instructions on how to do this with your own e-mail client provider.

Please make sure you are using the correct guides and instructions for your particular account, device/app/software and set up.

You can also find information for e-mail clients' settings in your Green Hosting account cPanel.

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