Green Hosting Clients

Walk Ride GM Walk Ride GM
Campaigning to make walking and cycling the natural choice in Manchester
Ecosse Eclat Ecosse Eclat
Beautiful jewellery doesn't have to cost our earth
Make Your Own Shift Make Your Own Shift
Design and build agile, freely accessible community spaces in meanwhile use buildings.

The Society of Ruislip Artists The Society of Ruislip Artists
Supports member artists with meetings, events and exhibitions.⠀⠀
Rooted Everyday Rooted Everyday
Working with local people in the Mediterranean to adopt and continue a sustainable way of life
The Lewes Pound The Lewes Pound
A creative yet practical way for local people to make money work for Lewes

Elizabeth Skinner Elizabeth Skinner
Coaching ambitious young professionals and business owners.
Puffin Digital Puffin Digital
A branding and graphic design agency based in Devon
Jane Brant VA Jane Brant VA
A virtual assistant for social enterprises and businesses

The Tarbut Fellowship The Tarbut Fellowship
Impacting the future of the Jewish community and society
Banging on About Bikes Banging on About Bikes
A blog for banging on about bikes
Transition Town Lewes Transition Town Lewes
Local solutions for global problems in Lewes

CoHyphen Innovation CoHyphen Innovation
A human-centred technical drawing bureau
Jenny Marie Jenny Marie
Vegan lifestyle, mental health, ethical living
Special Educational Needs advice, information and support

Footprint Arts Footprint Arts
Workshops to encourage respect for our world and green habits
Mission Mango Mission Mango
Marketing for socially conscious and ethically engaged businesses
Grenadier Estates Grenadier Estates
A sustainable approach to property development

Camp Books Camp Books
Rare texts & artifacts related to LGBTQ+ history
Green's Windmill Green's Windmill
A restored working windmill and science centre
Ethical Influencers Ethical Influencers
A digital community doing good